Southbrook Skin Fermented Vidal (Orange)


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Southbrook Vineyards Skin Fermented Vidal (Orange), Niagara, Canada 2020 (750ml)


Distinct citrus and banana notes give way to white flowers and steeped black tea. On the palate, the acidity is balanced by ripe green fruit and more tea flavours, both herbal and earthy. There is certainly a sense of transferability to this wine; it will appeal to ardent fans of beverages such as sour beers and kombucha. While pairing any food with this wine becomes a fun adventure, we have found noted success with food typically difficult to pair with most wines: leafy salads with vinaigrette, bitter greens such as kale or collards, and artichokes in all its forms.


Estate-grown Vidal grapes were hand-harvested across several days of picking. The clusters were foot trodden to gently squeeze about 30% of the berries – everything (rachis and berries) was then included in open-top, stainless steel fermenters.  Wild yeast and malolactic fermentation took place simultaneously over an average 22-day skin contact period while being pumped over once a day.  Gentle pressing, then settling in outdoor winter temperatures were followed by bottling with the inclusion of some lees.  This wine is free of additives, including no sulphites.

Varietal: Vidal
Organic, Biodynamic, Vegan
Medium Bodied
10.7% alc./vol