What days are take-away dinners and fresh pizzas available?

Our Dinners for Two as well as our Fresh Pizzas are available on Friday and Saturday.

All online orders must be placed by 3 pm for same day pick up.

When are new menus added?

Menus change weekly and are available to order on our store by Monday for that week.

How is the food packaged?

All of the dishes are prepared fresh in house and to our highest standards. Food is packaged in large Family Style sharing portions and comes with detailed reheating instructions.

Can you accommodate allergies?

All of our dishes are prepared in a large batch format, and we are unable to make modifications or take special order requests. We are pleased to chat more about any particular menu to see what may or may not be suitable for you - please feel free to contact us.

Where do we pick up our take-away?

You can pick up your take-away orders in our Bottle Shop at 11 Springfield Rd. 

Can we order alcohol?

We have a wide selection of wine, beer and craft cocktail kits. Please note, food must be purchased with alcohol.